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TeakVilla Safari

People have different kind of taste or interesting. They explore different things around the globe. With the globalization, world become small place. Just a minute person can connect another one other side of the world. When world become more complex with new concept and technology they want to rest for their mind. Because of people find a way to relax. Place for relax.

Animal lovers all around the world are love to safari. In the extreme of the travelers like to Elephant visit in Sri Lanka. Ever so are aims to elephant visit in Sri Lanka in their travel. Different kind of travelers comes to Sri Lanka. Ever so travelers are environment lovers. Other than elephant leopards are most attraction animal in you found in safari. Who like to visit tigers in wild? Defiantly you are like to visit leopards. Not only elephant and leopards, but also you can watch much type of animals and creatures. All manner of birds, reptiles, butterfly and many other types you can watch through the safari in Habarana.

Hanarana is one of the most wonderful place for the safari. Minneriya National park very closed to habarana. It’s best place for visit wild elephant. I know you love it very much. Not only wild safari, but also traditional Sri Lankan village safari. You can experience different kind of things with these safaris.

Habarana, wonderful place for relax your mind. In your vacation, you can travel around Sri Lanka bass on Habarana. There is no any other place for safari than habarana. Because of we invite you to visit habarana.